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Broomfield & District Residents Association


Broomfield & District Residents Association

Residents Association

Location: Collon, Co.Meath
Group Administrators: 2
Latest Activity: Oct 21, 2010

Teach Raithneach Heritage and Cultural Centre, Starinagh, Collon, Co. Meath.

Broomfield & District Residents Association
Teach Raithneach Heritage & Cultural Centre
Starinagh, Collon, Co. Meath.

A92 W283

E-mail the Secretary:

For General Association Information, contact the Association Secretary by E-mail at or at 087 2729154

Welcome to Broomfield & District!

Broomfield & District is a rural hamlet that straddles the Dublin – Derry (N2) road, north of Slane in Co. Meath and south of Collon in Co. Louth. The Associations headquarters is Teach Raithneach (House of Ferns) Heritage and Cultural Centre, and is located at Starinagh, Collon (turn right on the N2 at Geraghty Concrete if coming from Slane, left at Geraghty Concrete if coming from Collon). A map of the District is available in Teach Raithneach.

When visiting such places of note in the Boyne Valley as Newgrange, Slane, Mellifont Abbey and Monasterboice, you should also take time out to savour the scenic beauty, peace and tranquillity, and the many places of historical interest that Broomfield & District has to offer. Ideally suited to walking and cycling. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding countryside, and interpret the various places of historical interest visible from the many elevated vantage points along the way.

Guided Tours of the District can be arranged. Individuals, groups and the corporate sector can be catered for. Contact Gerard on 087/2729154 for further information or to book a Tour of Broomfield & District.

 Teach Raithneach, Heritage and Cultural Centre, Starinagh, Collon

Where the Success Story of Teach Raithneach all began, but what year?


Thur. 1st June – Fri. 16th June




‘The Festival with the Traditional and Cultural Flavour’

Meath Co. Council Pride of Place Initiatives 2017

Broomfield & District

Anti-Litter League – Gold Medal Winner


Thanks and well done to the Volunteers who made this possible!


Broomfield & District Residents Association
Teach Raithneach Heritage & Cultural Centre
Starinagh, Collon, Co. Meath. A92W283

E-mail the Secretary:

Festival Programme

Thur. 1st June.                       Set Dance Ceili. Triskell Ceili Band. Fear an Ti, John Mc Evoy. Refreshments & Raffle. Teach Raithneach. Admission €10.                                                         9 pm.


Fri. 2nd June.                          Tir na n-Og Active Retirement Social Evening. Teach Raithneach. Music, song, and dance with Rose O’Brien. Admission €5.                                  6 to 8 pm.


Sat. 3rd June.                         Children’s Nature Walk and Talk, with Dr. Niamh Roche. Assemble at Teach Raithneach. Free.   11 am.



Tue.  6th June.                        Craft Club Exhibition. A working exhibition of Hand-made Crafts by the Crafters and Artists involved Flower Arranging, Dough Craft and more.

                                                  A Demonstration in Card-Making also. Teach Raithneach. Refreshments.       10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Tue.  6th June                        

                                                  Intergenerational Ceili Dance Workshop, ‘Bring an Older Person to Dancing Day’, hosted by The Farrelly School of Irish Dance. Dance some more popular Ceili Dances including: Walls of Limerick, Siege of Ennis, Harvest Time Jig and An Rince Mor. Teach Raithneach. Donation.                      7 to 9 pm.


Tue. 6th June.                         Mellifont Park Road. Walk with the Walking Group.                                                                              7.30 pm.


Wed. 7th June.                        Children’s Art and Craft. A really special recycling project, for boys and girls, aged 5 to 12 years.

                                                  Teach Raithneach. Free!                                                 5 to 6 pm.


Wed. 7th June                         Community Alert! What kind of a Community do you want in 2017 and the years ahead. How can we help? Personal and Community Safety! Local Gardai and Task Personal Alarm Representative will attend. Discussion, Q & A. Video display.                8.00 pm.


Thur. 9th June.                     Broomfield & District Men’s Shed Open Day. A number of visiting Men’s Sheds will take part in a variety of Competitions throughout the day. Call in at any time. Refreshments.                         10 am to 4 pm.

Thur. 9th June.                       The Old Sweep Road, Balrenny.  Walk with the Walking Group.                                          7.30 pm.


Thur. 9th June                        Historical Talk. The 1798 Rebellion in our Local Area delivered by Eamon Doyle, author of March into Meath.                                                                 8.00 pm



Fri. 9th June.                           St. Columcille’s Feast Day Mass. For the living and deceased Members of Broomfield & District Residents Association, and the Community of Broomfield & District. Church of Mary Immaculate, Collon.                                                                              9.00 am.


Fri. 9thJune.                          St. Columcille’s Patron. Starinagh.              7.30 pm.

                                                  Followed by

                                                  Volunteer Appreciation Night in Teach Raithneach. This is to show our appreciation to the many Community Volunteers who work throughout the Community every year. Refreshments.              8.30 pm


Sun. 11th June.                       5K Intergenerational Community Walk/Run/Jog/Stroll, Teach Raithneach to Broomfield and back. Assemble at Teach Raithneach. We invite all age groups to participate. Donation. Refreshments afterwards in Teach Raithneach.                                                           12 noon


Sun. 11th June.                 Cross Road Ceili. At Grangegeeth Cross, beside the Grangegeeth Inn. Tara Ceili Band and Guests., Irish Dancing. Step, Set, Ceili and Social Dances.  Side-shows, refreshments and more. Donation.          3 to 6 pm.

Thur. 15th June.                  Ladies Night ‘All Things Beauty in  Broomfield’,                                                        Caroline McElroy, Stylist & TV Presenter, Laura-                                                 Armada-Buch from the Juice Lab, Make-up artist Juliet                                            Morrow and Just In Boutique will all be in attendance.                                      Hand bags, jewellery, hair                 products, goodie bags etc.                                                  Tickets €15 from Alice 087 9360018/Josie 086                                                            4458108 or Maura 086 8091819

Fri. 16th June                         Shay Morgan Memorial Darts Tournament. Invited Teams. Mathews, Collon. Refreshments & Raffle.                                                                                    9 pm.

Activities and Contacts

Set Dancing, contact Gerard on 087 2729154

Pride of Place, contact Gerard on 087 2729154

Art, contact Niamh on 087 8173073

Heritage, contact Maura on 086 8091819

Walking Group, contact Josie on 086 4458108

Children's Garden, contact Teresa on 087 9375550

Social Dancing, contact Josie on 086 4458108

Tir na n-Og Active Retirement, contact Mary on 086 8548682

Community Alert, contact Malachy on 087 2765207

Alcoholics Anonymous, contact the General Service on 01 8420700

Irish Dancing, Grainne on 086 3707227 or Olive on 086 3502157

Ladies Craft Club, The Brickx Club, Children’s Art and Craft contact Teresa on 086 3212 986

Piano Lessons, contact Kate on 086 8837679

Yoga, contact Grainne on 086 8046781

Men’s Shed, contact Kieran on 087 2728229   


Broomfield & District Residents Association


‘For a Sense and Pride of Place’


‘The Sustainable, Inclusive, Integrated and

Age Friendly Community’


‘Please Support Your Local Businesses’


 Thanks to:     Our Sponsors, Our RSS, CE and TUS Scheme                                  Participants, Our Community Members and                                      Supporters, Sub-committees, and Activity Groups



Please note:

                                                  The Teach Raithneach Art Group and Craft Club will display their work up-stairs in Teach Raithneach for the duration of the Festival.


                                                  The Children’s Garden will be open and on view during the Festival 


 Latest Local News! 


National Haritage Week 2016

To mark National Heritage Week 2016, a seat dedicated to the memory of Seamie Heery RIP., Meath Senior All Ireland Football Medal Winner 1949 was unveiled beside the Heery Residence at Starinagh, Collon on Saturday 27th August 2016. The seat was unveiled by former Meath Senior Football Manager, Mick O'Dowd, Seamie's nephew. Members of Seamie's Family in attendance on the occasion, were Margaret, Neville, David, Susan, Orla and Monica O'Dowd (Seamie's sister). 

Tree Planting 2016

Community Alert in Action.

One of the 'Core Principles' of Community Alert is the visitation of the Older and more Vulnerable Members of the Community. Please do your best to ensure that your neighbours are safe and sound during these long, dark Winter days. In particular, keep an eye out for the elderly and those living alone. Call on them regularly to see if they are ok. It is often difficult for the elderly to get out and about, particularly during inclement weather conditions. They may have difficulty shopping or getting in fuel for the fire. Please do what you can to make this time of year more comfortable for your neighbours, The Members of Our Community. For those Members of Our Community who have Socially Monitored Alarms fitted, please activate them occasionally to ensure that they are operating correctly. To do so, just press the Pendant and wait for a response from the Monitoring Station. Also, please ensure that the yearly Monitoring Fee is paid, so that monitoring continues to be provided. Thanks in advance for your co-operation and concern.Anybody with any queries regarding Personal Alarms please contact Malachy on 087 2765207 or Sarah on 087 6128206. Due to increased Criminal Activity across the country, we are asking Community Members to be extra vigilant at all times.

Activities at Teach Raithneach

The Tara Ceili Band Members L-R, Oliver Reilly (Keyboards), Paddy Reilly (Fiddle), Martin Mitchell (Accordion) and Martin Noone (Banjo) who played at the Christmas Set Dance Ceili in Teach Raithneach on Sunday 13th December 2015.
Dancers going through their paces during the Moycullen Set at the 2015 Christmas Sets Ceili in Teach Raithneach. 


Ronan Barron, Morning Star Darts Team receives the Man of the Tournament Trophy from Gerard Weldon at The Shay Morgan Memorial Darts Tournament held in Mathews, Collon on Friday 12th June.

"From Mellifont to Mullaghroy and beyond".

The Teach Raithneach Heritage Groups book "From Mellifont to Mullagharoy and beyond", a local history, is available. Contact Maura on 086-8091819.



Items for District News Mid- Louth/Drogheda Ind. and Countywide Meath Chronicle, forward to Gerard by 6.00 pm. on Sunday evening at or Text to 087-2729154.










Child Protection Policy

Broomfield & District Residents Association has, as is required by law, a Child Protection Policy in place.


Child Protection Policy Statement

Broomfield & District Residents Association wants to make sure that Children are protected and kept safe while they are in Teach Raithneach Heritage and Cultural Centre, or engaged in any activity hosted by, or organised by, the Association.

Broomfield & District Residents Association is committed to the legal principal, that the ‘Welfare of the Child’ is paramount.


We ask You to continue Your Support for Local Traders.

Broomfield & District Residents Association continues to encourage Community Members to 'Support Local Traders and Business Interests where possible'. The Association says:

'We should support our Local Traders and Businesses. When we need sponsorship, financial or in kind for our activities throughout the year, we turn to Local Traders and Businesses. We are always well received. There is an obligation on us, individually and collectively to support them now in these economically difficult times. Spend locally, help protect local jobs and businesses'. 


Activities at Teach Raithneach.

Set Dancing. 
Set Dancing Classes have resumed again, Monday nights from 8.30 to 10.30 pm. New Members welcome. Fear an Ti John Mc Evoy. Contact Gerard on 087-2729154.

Adult Craft Club 

The Adult Craft Club continues their activities at 10.30 am on Tuesdays.  New Members welcome. We try out New, and Old Crafts and visit places of Crafter's interest. All welcome, even if its only for the chat and the cuppa. Contact Teresa 086 3212 986 

Children's Art & Craft 
Suitable for boys and girls aged 4+. All materials supplied. Contact Teresa 086 3212 986 for further information or to book a place.

Kids Brickx Club

A Club where children can get creative with Lego. We work in groups or singularly. Ideal for building confidence and teamwork skills. Suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years. Lego supplied. Contact Teresa on 086 3212 986 for further information or to book a place. 

Yoga Classes
A 10 week Yoga Class starts on Wednesday 21st September. Contact Grainne on 086 8046781 for details or to book a place.

Walking Group.

Evening Walking  has ceased until next April. Walking on Sundays at 12 noon continues as usual. Suitable for all ages. New Members always welcome. €20 registration fee. All walks are flat surface walks along lakes, rivers, woods and quiet rural roads. Contact Josie on 086-4458108, or Eileen on 087-2667243 for details.

Irish Dancing Classes. 
Scoil Rince Ni Fhaircheallaigh ( Farrelly School of Irish Dancing), has been providing quality tuition and classes in Irish Step and Ceili Dancing for 32 years. Classes in Teach Raithneach every Tuesday from 6 to 7.30 pm. Beginners always welcome. Suitable for boys and girls of all ages and levels. Contact Grainne on 086-3707227 or Olive on 086-3502157 for further information. 

Art Classes. 
Art Classes every Monday morning and Tuesday night. Beginners welcome. Contact Maura on 086-8091819. 

Men's Shed Project - every Thursday.

Jim and Eugene getting to grips with Wood Turning

Members meet every Thursday morning from 10am to 1pm. They participate in Bowls, Kurling, Bridge, Rings, Draughts and Dominos, and also enjoy light refreshments. If you have unwanted Board or Table Games that you would like to donate to the Men’s Shed, please contact the number below. We could do with Dominos and Quoits. New Members always welcome.

Paddy tries his hand at Wood Turning

Tir na n-Og Active Retirement. 
The Tir na -Og Group meet on the 1st Friday of the month from 6 to 8.30 pm.  New Members always welcome. Contact Siobhan on 087/6437114. 

Hungry Hall Park.

Bird feeding throughout the District that takes place over the Winter months has ceased and will resume in November/December. The largest Feeding Station is on Hungry Hall Park along the N2 south of Collon village. However, if you are visiting Hungry Hall Park, please feel free to put some food on the Bird Table. Our feathered friends will be delighted to sample your left-overs. Fruit, vegetables and bread are particularly popular. 

Bird Feeding at Hungry Hall Park began on Thursday 1st December 1994 when the Bird Feeding Programme was launched by the late Fr. Paddy Mc Donnell, PP. Collon. Currently there are 12 Bird Peanut Feeders of varying sizes and a Bird Table on Hungry Hall Park. Other locations where Bird Feeding takes place include Carrickenane (Carraigh na n-Ean - Bird's Rock), Lambert's Bridge, Starinagh, Boyd's Bridge, Starinagh, Patron Tree, Starinagh, Doe Bridge, Hurcle, Newtownfortescue Cross, Grangegeeth and Teach Raithneach.

Tree planting at Hungry Hall Park was launched on Friday 21st February 1992 by the Pupils of Collon, Slane, Stackallen and Tullyallen National Schools. Maxol sponsored 100 trees which were supplied by Crann at the time.



 Some of the participants in the Broomfield 10K Mini Marathon2011

Broomfield 10K Mini Marathon 2013 


Set Dancing

The Tara Ceili Band (below) played the music for the Christmas Ceili. From L-R the band members are; Oliver Reilly, Paddy Reilly and Martin Mitchell. Thanks for the excellent music lads, it was very well received. 

Christmas Set Dancing Ceili 2014 in Teach Raithneach

One of the 12 Sets on the floor dancing The Kilfenora Set. This was probably the best attended Ceili to date in Teach Raithneach, with over 120 in attendance. Many non-dancers were present to enjoy the music and dancing. 

Set Dancing Session in Mathew's Lounge, Collon on Monday 24th November 2014.

The above photograph is from the Set Dancing Session in Mathew's Lounge, Collon on Monday 24th November 2014. There was six sets on the floor all night. This 'Out and About' initiative by the Sandpit and Teach Raithneach Set Dancers aims to bring Set Dancing out into the Community in an attempt to promote the activity and also to support local businesses. A number of 'Out and About Set Dancing Sessions' will take place in 2015. Everyone is welcome to attend and join in the activity. So whether you are a Set Dancer or not, you are more than welcome to attend. You will be kept posted of up-coming events in the Broomfield & District and Termonfeckin Columns in 'Around the Districts', Drogheda/Mid-Louth Independent and in Countywide Meath Chronicle and on this website. For Set Dancing information contact Gerard on 087-2729154. 

Cross Road Ceili 2012, Grangegeeth Cross


Community Alert.

The new Community Alert Text Messaging Service is receiving very positive feedback from the Community. It has been used on a number of occasions since its launch and had all Community Members on ALERT in minutes. Community Members who have Socially Monitored Alarms, please check to ensure that they are working correctly. The Monitoring Station supports and encourages the checking of alarms on a regular basis. Please make sure that the yearly monitoring fee is paid by the due date to ensure that the service continues. If you require a Socially Monitored Alarm or any other security measure, please contact Community Alert on 086-2193103 for information.


Community Alert and Litter Free Status Signs on the Broomfield Road 

Broomfield Walking Group.

 Contact Josie on 086/4458108 for details.


Newtownfortescue Cross, Grangegeeth 


The Great Famine Commeration Stone

 Newtownfortescue Cross, Grangegeeth.


Phoenixtown Bridge, Grangegeeth 


Children's Garden.

The Children's Garden Project at Teach Raithneach has resumed its activities. This Educational Project aims to teach Children and Adults 'How to Grow Your Own' vegetables and fruit, and the basics of sustainability and composting. Please contact Teresa on 087-9375550 for details.


The Children's Garden at Teach Raithneach (above and below) 





Members of Tir na n-Og play a game of Kurling


Tir na n-Og Garden Planters alongside the Children's Garden at Teach Raithneach


The Heritage Sub-committee is taking part in the Meath Oral History Collection with the help of Tom French and Meath County Library (Local Studies Section). With the aid of a digital recorder, the Group are out and about meeting people and recording the stories that they have to tell. Contact Maura on 086-8091819.

A collection of the work completed by the Heritage Sub-committee over the years.



Broomfield Bonus Ball Lottery Results.

Lotto Change!

To win or share the Jackpot, just get the 3 Bonus Ball Numbers. The 3 Numbers in any order will do. Remember, 47 numbers to pick from!

Draw Date: 25/05/2016 
Bonus Ball Numbers: 44, 20, 06
No Jackpot Winner!
Next Week's Jackpot: €5,850.

€20 Prize Winner:
 Nicola Carpenter, Grangegeeth. Jack Murphy, Starinagh. Mary Rafferty, Rathbran. Katie & Riain Califf, Broomfield. Kieran & Tracy Weldon, Navan.

Promoters this week: Teresa Carpenter, Malachy Sullivan, Mary Rafferty and Gerard Weldon.

Bonus Ball Lottery Envelopes can be purchased as usual at €2 each or 3 for a €5 (fiver). Good value with the Jackpot at €5,850. Thanks for all the support.



                 Children's Art and Craft Outside Mural at Teach Raithneach 

Sub –committee and Activity Contacts.

Community Alert. Contact Malachy on 087-2765207.

Tir na n-Og Active Retirement. Contact Siobhan on 087/6437114.

Children's Garden. Contact Teresa on 087-9375550.

Heritage. Contact Maura on 086-8091819.

Art. Contact Maura on 086-8091819.

Bridge/Cards. Contact Diana on 086-1782242.

Irish Dancing. Contact Grainne on 086-3707227 or Olive on 086-3502157.

Set Dancing. Contact Gerard on 087-2729154.

Mens Shed. Contact Kieran on 087-2728229. 

Walking Group. Contact Josie on 086-4458108.

Children’s Art and Craft. Contact Teresa on 086-3212986.

Children's Sewing/Knitting. Contact Teresa on 086-3212986.

Craft Club. Contact Teresa on 086-3212986.

Gentle Yoga. Contact Grainne on 086-8046781.

To book facilities in Teach Raithneach, contact Alice on 087-9360018.

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