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Kilcloon Writers 7/1/2011


Who Am I?
The Life and Times of Michael Crowley

By Michael Crowley

From time immemorial, man always had his own story to tell. Now at seventy-seven, Irish author Michael Crowley renders his life journey to print as he pens Who Am I? , a reflection of the mighty and brilliant years he has gone through.

A natural storyteller, Crowley weaves his life journey into a captivating and charming tale—evoking an older, simpler world where every community had a roof over its head. He recreates the simple pleasures, trials, and tribulations of life on a farm in the 1940s and escorts readers on his daily routine in a boarding school. He then brings readers to tears by the untimely death of his mother and inspires them with his striking admiration for his father. Furthermore, with quick wit, keen eyes, and sense of humour, the author takes readers back to his time in the university, when he overcame numerous adversities.

Captivating and entertaining, Who Am I? shares how fate played in shaping the course of the author’s life, allowing him to make sense of life’s mysteries.

           Who Am I?; the autobiography of Michael Crowley born in Co. Cork

in 1932. An eminent Marine Biologist who specialized in and pioneered the suspended culture of mussels Mytilus edulis in Ireland.


If you are interested in purchasing this book, please  email me  at the following address



Also the book can be purchased at the following  address                        




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